About Nimmacco

Nimmacco (W.A) Limited  is a Premier Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Supplier, And Indentor of Chemicals,Industrial Raw Materials As well As Importer And Exporter Of machines, Parts, Petroleum And Agricultural Products.

Nimmacco also specialises in Pipeline And Tank Cleaning For the oil and gas companies and Refineries instead of mechanical method of cleaning oil and gas pipe lines the company applies the most modern scientific method to clean oil and gas pipe lines and tanks to enhance the economic life of the facilities

The company maintain the expertise and international/foreign joint venture co-operation which enable it to engage in Turkey projects, oil and Gas services turn Around maintainance projects. Furthermore, our international contact enable us to source any scarce chemicals, machine, parts etc for supplies to the nigerian and the entire west African market







Overview of Oil Pipelines And Tanks Cleaning

Our mission in the nigerian oil and Gas industry is to ensure our customers oil and gas facilities are corrosion risk free and the pipelines flow efficiently, whether under water, on the land or within customers plants and facilities by applying modern method and the latest technology

The old traditional mechamical pagging method results in debris smeared arround the walls of the pipeline and pressed into the abnormalities.

The technology applied emulsifies and removes the dirts from abnormalities and pipe connections resulting in clean pipes and reduced corrosion risk. our environmentally friendly method makes use of specially formulated tensides to desolve pipelines sediments rather than scraping them out with mechanical device

Additional commendable benefit of our technology in oil pipelines and tanks cleaning is its online capability

Machines,Parts, Tools, Hardwares and manufacturing industry services

Our company maintains a division which handles enquiries,orders ,supplier, installation and commission of various Hardwares

  1. machines
  2. machine replacement parts
  3. engineering tools
  4. computer and equipment
  5. General hardware and building accessories

With our technical partners we service and provide maintainance to range of industries and chemical application process

  1. Paints and chemical industries
  2. paper industry
  3. plastic industry
  4. rubber industry
  5. printing, textile and packaging industry
  6. laquer industry
  7. soap/detergent industry
  8. cosmetics and pharma industry
  9. Food, breverage, brewery, confectionery, feed, flour, milling, and vegatable oil industry
  10. water treatement industry
  11. Adhenssive industry
  12. Extrussion and fabrication industry
  13. And Others

Oil and Gas chemistry and technology

A full range of oil and gas products and services are made available

we offer the following oil and gas specialty chemicals

  1. Methanal, Ethanol, isopropanol (IPA) and others
  2. xylene t
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